Yeah, this thread is a little old but I can't resist. It always noggles me a little but when eole refer to Access as a database. And then, compare ot against other 'real' databases. For the last uh, twenty years or so it really has een a RAD tool for frnt ending other, real, databaaes. Sure t has local tables (Can you hear McCartney? "Jet!") but what is is in essence os a simple form of Visual Basic tha can do damn near anythig you can do with other languages, except write for Android or iOS.

If what you need…

Don’t Look Back

In his book The Order of Time, theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli says that time is a mental process happening in the space between memory and anticipation. Time feels real to people. But it doesn’t even exist, according to quantum physics.

It’s “a collective act of introspection and narrative, record-keeping and expectation, that’s based on our relationship to prior events and the sense that happenings are impending”. It is this tale that gives us our sense of self as well, a feeling that many neuroscientists, mystics, and physicists argue is a mass delusion.

Time is an emotional and psychological experience, mostly…

There is so much pain in this world, it is a wonder people survive sometimes. And sometimes they don’t.

I once knew two of the sweetest people on Earth, grandparents of one of my good friends in high school. I’m not sure if Leah had ever worked outside the home but Lee, a big bear of a man, had and was retired. For years they were together in their modest house on a hill over the small town where we lived, content with each others’ company and occasionally one of the grand kids or their young friends. Everyone knew them as an example of good people and genuine humble love.

They seemed to take a liking to anyone that…

Come on In. We’ve Been Expecting You.

We give up billions of dollars a year to the Bad Guys. Priceless data. Our very privacy. They encrypt and lock our database systems or commandeer our medical systems risking hundreds of lives until we agree to pay up. It may be years before we discover the full impact of the 2020 Russian cyber attack that penetrated the core of all federal government networks.

How does this happen? There are many and varied ways but generally, they slip in much earlier, sometimes months or years earlier, learning the lay of the network, where things are located, acquiring access codes and…

They’re out there

I have written here before about my concerns for the safety of Joe Biden and I’ll not restate all that. However, as all eyes turn toward the guaranteed chaos post November 3, I want to urge our security folks and the Biden campaign to be ever more alert for the signs of any attempt on his, or Ms. Harris’ life.

I know they realize the true breadth and depth of what is at stake. Those men, the Russians and our own Kompromat president as well as the shadowy and highly-radicalized militant factions that seek to sweep into any vacuum left…

It’s now been 30 days and nights since my little buddy died. That’s his picture at the top of the page. Luda was a miniature dachshund with a heart and spirit far larger than his little body would suggest. For fifteen years he scarcely left my side, day or night. But it was in one of those times when I was away that he suffered an aneurysm caused by a cancerous tumor on his heart we had no idea he had.

It was terrible. My daughter was alone with him when it happened. …

Read the Faces, the Apprehension and Fear. And the Groveling, Grinning, Yes Man

I’ve published several articles in the last two weeks about warning signs that I see that lead me and many other people smarter than I, to conclude the Russians are actively working to steal another election for Trump, and to do much more. I won’t regurgitate that here, it makes me literally sick to contemplate, so read them here on Medium for yourself if you care about our country.

I’m not some Intel community insider, I just read and think and write a little. The Russians simplify things, they make little attempt to hide their contempt for America or their…

The Nevada Test Site

The US Department of Justice announced charges today against a Russian citizen who traveled to the US in order to recruit and convince an employee of “a Nevada company” to install malware on their “employer’s” network in exchange for $1,000,000.

According to court documents unsealed today, Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov, a 27-year-old Russian, was identified as a member of a larger criminal gang who planned to use the malware to gain access to the company’s network, steal sensitive documents, and then extort the victim company for a large ransom payment.

Oh, another computer ransom thing? Oh, okay.

But wait… Nevada? …

Down through the ages, the Helsinki KowTow will be cited as an American humiliation

With “less fanfare than a new menu item at Captain D’s”, the Senate Intelligence Committee report on Russian interference in the 2016 election was slipped out to the public. And like the actual Mueller report, released weeks after Attorney General William Barr produced his whitewashed summary, Republicans are just hoping everyone will read their topline statements and ignore what the investigation really found.

It is the subject of a flurry of articles in journals on the left and right to spring this weekend. The overarching conclusions on all sides are stark and shocking.

The report runs to nearly 1,000 pages…

There are more than two men wanting the top job in 2020

An open letter to my Congressman, Representative Sam Graves (R) Missouri:

Congressman Graves, I’m an old retired guy and a yellow dog Democrat. Of late I’ve come to realize more than ever the criticality of people of all political convictions shedding their skins and trying to become more American and less Partisan. I try to be more understanding of how someone can see the same thing I do but arrive at a completely different opinion and perspective — and to accept that as being as valid as my own. I only wish I’d achieved this level of cool many years…

Kent Hartland

Semi-retired software developer, inventor, jeweler, knife maker, writer . I like tools that help me make things and people that listen to ideas.

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