Don’t Look Back

In his book The Order of Time, theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli says that time is a mental process happening in the space between memory and anticipation. Time feels real to people. But it doesn’t even exist, according to quantum physics.

It’s “a collective act of introspection and narrative, record-keeping and…

There is so much pain in this world, it is a wonder people survive sometimes. And sometimes they don’t.

I once knew two of the sweetest people on Earth, grandparents of one of my good friends in high school. I’m not sure if Leah had ever worked outside the home but Lee, a big bear of a man, had and was retired. For years they were together in their…

They’re out there

I have written here before about my concerns for the safety of Joe Biden and I’ll not restate all that. However, as all eyes turn toward the guaranteed chaos post November 3, I want to urge our security folks and the Biden campaign to be ever more alert for the…

Down through the ages, the Helsinki KowTow will be cited as an American humiliation

With “less fanfare than a new menu item at Captain D’s”, the Senate Intelligence Committee report on Russian interference in the 2016 election was slipped out to the public. …

There are more than two men wanting the top job in 2020

An open letter to my Congressman, Representative Sam Graves (R) Missouri:

Congressman Graves, I’m an old retired guy and a yellow dog Democrat. Of late I’ve come to realize more than ever the criticality of people of all political convictions shedding their skins and trying to become more American and…

Kent Hartland

Semi-retired software developer, inventor, jeweler, knife maker, writer . I like tools that help me make things and people that listen to ideas.

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